About Me

About me

Changemaker and Conservationist

Hey there! Welcome to my little corner of the worldwide web. This is where I share my work and my thoughts with people like... well... you!!


I'll try not to bore you too much with my achievements, but if you are interested then you can take a look at my résumé in full below.

Ochre the stick insect whom you can see in these pictures has been my companion over the past year, but also somewhat of a teaching tool to help me with my messaging.

My creative life purpose is to reframe our human relationship with the natural world, for our own benefit and that of Earth's amazing biodiversity.

My core belief is that change of this scale must be grown and not forced, so I work intensively with local leaders and communities in 110 countries to bring about the progress I wish to see.

And ultimately my learnings all lead back to the 4 C's of conservation which I formulated and now live by. Connection, Curiosity, Creativity and Collaboration must be revived in this barren field if anything is to succeed.