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See Elliot's TEDx talk in Sydney, recorded 29th February 2020.

 I was immediately taken with his ability to speak with such sincerity and conviction. 



Steve Parish

 Elliot is an articulate and visionary young leader.



Crista Valentino

Watch the trailer for Elliot's charity, Human Nature Projects.

 Human Nature Projects allowed me to switch on and live my dream.



Justice Senkoto

 Human Nature can redefine the conservation market.



Joshua Dixon

Listen to a recent creative project. Visit the Media tab for more.

 Unfailingly versatile and thrifty in his approach.



Rituraj Phukan

A real asset... I believe that Elliot has tremendous potential.



Aurelie Amiault

Test Yourself...
Which of these animals sued Disney?
Which of the following is NOT a use for a zebra's stripes?
Choose the incorrect statement about mosquitoes...
What was the name of the oldest ever krill?
An elephant shrew is closest to...
Which of these animals is fake?
The Canary Islands were named after...
What is the average flight velocity of an unladen swallow?

Find that tough?

Here are the right answers,

so you can see how you did:

  1. Spotted Hyena

  2. To save on printing costs

  3. Most of them suck blood

  4. Alan

  5. An elephant

  6. Blackadder's Adder

  7. Dogs

  8. All of the above

A few surprises there, I imagine!!

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