“The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.”


Jane Goodall speaks of her dog Rusty as her greatest teacher; in my case, it was Ochre the stick insect. But regardless of the specifics, it remains the case that behind every great environmentalist lies an even greater animal. 


Bringing brains into the biodiversity equation and approaching age-old questions from new angles. Where a bathtub full of origami fish saves seas full of real ones, and plagiarizing natural wonders might just help protect them. 


Did you know that there are one trillion species on Earth, or that 99.999% of these remain to be discovered? Once people begin questioning the natural world, learning experientially, then much can be achieved. 


Celebrity zoologist and campaigner Mark Carwardine describes it as an "Overcrowded mishmash," which is apt considering the smorgasbord of maladies that conservation suffers from. But if we all could work together... ?

Jane Goodall


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In the past two years I've had an awesome ride going from nobody to now-quite-involved in the environmental field.


This is where I share my work, my thoughts and my learnings as codified in the 4 C's of conservation.

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