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Naturalist & Researcher

I've catalogued dozens of insect & feather varieties, hundreds of shells, minerals & fossils, and thousands of coins & stamps. I've also contributed
to several field guides and tackled questions of dinosaur intelligence through relic skull casings.

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Eccentric & Butterfly Thinker

I've always flitted between mad ideas, combining my eclectic tastes. I've taken courses on makeup SFX & molecular gastronomy, whilst training
in historical swordfighting. I've taught myself to play half a dozen musical instruments and to use a mind palace.


Science & DIY Enthusiast

I've converted my basement into a home science lab & library. I've sourced chemicals from their common uses and written an unpublished book on the science of everyday objects. I take appliances apart and tinker with them, repurposing and experimenting.

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Rescuer & Rehabilitator

I've been qualified to provide vet
assistance for injured wildlife, and continue to look after birds,
possums and the odd turtle.
Pictured above is Atlas the white-
headed pigeon who spent a week
recovering from a mild concussion.


Leader & Strategist

I've founded an intl. NGO that
supports environmental volunteers
across 107 countries. I developed
models like 'mass individualism' to
support me in doing so, alongside
the guiding philosophies of Human
Nature and Conservation's 4 C's.

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